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I started my Masonic journey on June 3rd, 1993 in the state of Florida. I'm a RWPGTREAS. of the MWPHGL of HI. The first Grand Worthy Patron of the MWPHGC of HI. I'm married to sister Sheva Wade of Nellie M. Strong OES. I have 3 kids, Johnnie Jr., Euizujhn and Euipri. I'm retired from the military and I work for the Department of Defense at DFAS-IN.


What do you consider your greatest accomplishment as Master of the Lodge?

Development of future Worshipful Master's that became MWGMs, Grand Senior and Junior Wardens and many became DDGMs


What is your saying or advice? Ex. We are the best builders because we build on one another; INTENTIONALLY! or Never walk between the Alter and the Master of the lodge while the Holy Bible is open during a meeting except when a degree is in progress.

It takes a Mason,  to teach a Mason, how to be a Mason 


What City and State were you born in?

Orlando,  Florida 


What Lodge/s were you Master of? 

Kaneohe Bay Lodge,  Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii 


What year/s were you Master of the lodge?

1997 & 1998