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On behalf of the Brothers of Meridian Lodge #33, Welcome to our website. It is the mission of this Lodge to serve the puposes of this ancient organization. As Masons we accept the responsability of serving God, our fellow man and the people in our community. It is immediately impressed upon every man that accepts the opportunity to become a part of this organization to remember we are all made perfectly in his image regardless of how you decide to worship; all men are on the level and it impresses upon us and reminds us how good and pleasent it is for men to dwell together in unity. The tenents of Masonry are Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth and we are regularly reminded that Love is the most important of all. 


At Meridian Lodge #33 we strive to maintain a strong commitment to the service to God, the betterment of all men and dedicated service to community. Our goal is to grow and develop men through positive interaction, strengthening our faith in deity and serving the community.


God Bless,


The Brothers of Meridian Lodge #33

Meridian Lodge #33 Community Food Distribution 2022 Meridian Lodge #33

Summer Community Food Distribution

Sponsored by Men of Meridian

The Brothers of Meridian Lodge will be distributing free food to the community in June, July, August and September. The first service will be on Saturday June 18th from 10am - 2pm. There will be a drive through pick option a well as walk up. No identification or documentation is required. We only ask that you answer three questions to help us ensure we are doing what is best for our community.

We thank God for the opportunity to serve. The Community Food Distribution is open to all. Please come out and allow this opportnity to be a blessing for all of us. 

Thanks in advance for coming out and allowing the Brothers of Meridian Lodge #33 the opportunity to serve.

We look forward to seeing you this month at the

Meridian Lodge #33 Community Food Distribution


The Brothers of Meridian Lodge #33


Calendar of Indiana Meridian Lodge #33 "Black Out Dates" across the Jurisdiction.

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The Meridian Lodge #33 of Indiana was organized on September 16, 1856.

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Thank you for considering making a donation. Your generosity will help us to support people in need.

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Pythagoreans are Boys age 9 - 17 who are learning the importance of the service of God and Man.

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